About five years ago we bought around 100 acres that are adjacent to our existing 5 acres and home. It’s amazing land with an abandoned railroad path, a concrete bridge that dates back to 1920, an abundance of trees, ten acres in wetlands. The best part is that it’s less than a mile from city limits down a quarter mile gravel lane.

When you walk out the front door, you may see cattle in the green pasture across the drive. On occasions you’ll even see deer meandering through that same pasture as they stop to graze.

Down at the end of the lane is a small two bedroom farm-house. Mrs. Post lived there for forty years or more. Her daughter and son-in-law would mow her yard and check in on her. We frequently visited with them when we were feeding our cows. When the home became available, the family offered it to us.


Within a week after finding out we were buying the farmhouse an idea flooded my mind and I couldn’t shake it. For a long time I’ve wanted to own a bed and breakfast or a weekend retreat. We love to go to retreats to renew and get-away. Why not fix the farmhouse up? Why not make it a by-the-night rental for corporate lodging, or a couple’s get-away weekend?  What if I furnished it with re-purposed and a few shabby chic things, just enough to add a little coziness and make it very nice and welcoming while still offering some modern comforts?


The idea turned into reality when a family member, who had been living in the house for about a year, moved out. I began a major renovation of the farmhouse in January of 2013 that took about six months to complete. Everything from new plumbing and wiring, heat and air, drywall, flooring, fixtures, appliances. A unique, modern shower was added in the all new upscale bathroom.

Wanting to stay true to the feel of the old farmhouse, I made sure a few things stayed. The kitchen cabinets received a fresh coat of paint, because if I had torn them out and replaced them with new ones, part of the charm of the farmhouse kitchen would’ve been lost. The same can be said for the corner curio cabinet in the second bedroom, or the cedar lined closet that separates the two bedrooms, or the glass paneled front door.

I spent months shopping for just the right furniture, artwork, dishes, and knick-knacks to give the farmhouse a homey, comfortable look.

More renovations will come in the future with the addition of a patio and landscaping outside.



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